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 Dr. Cheryl Matossian

Dr. Matossian was the mother of four before she decided to become a doctor. She has been a gymnast, coach and gymnastics judge. She skis, shops and collects shoes.

Dr. Matossian practices family medicine, is board certified in sports medicine, and has a natural affinity for woman’s wellness and pediatric sports medicine.

She graduated from the University of Rochester and continued there to get her MD. She went to San Diego to complete her residency in Family Medicine, and then did an extra year specializing in Sports Medicine.

She has worked with many different athletes ranging from High School level to professional hockey players. At the moment she is a Sports Physician for CSUS and volunteers her time in the training room most Mondays working with injured student athletes.

Of course Dr. Matossian is primarily a family physician, treating the entire family for everything. Her patients are very happy with her, many bring their children a significant distance to see her and we could fill several pages with endorsements and compliments.

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